Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Starting Up

Hey, there. Maniacaldude from deviantART here. Yeah, I'm an aspiring cartoon artist with a fascination of various kinds of pop culture, be it movies, video games, music, commercials, animation, comics and whatnot. I plan to use this blog for several different things:

-To submit extra drawings and sketches, some that will be going into deviantART at some point, or just basic screwing around, experimenting, and branching out. I'll also explain certain aspects about them and what I have in mind for them, if they are currently in progress, and even give some tutorials as to how certain aspects of cartoon drawing work.
-To discuss my viewpoints and express my opinions about various aspects of pop culture, from past to present. I have a ton of views of stuff related to not just cartoons and animation, but also movies, music, and numerous other interests I have. They can often be fascinating or insightful, as I like to search for some rather obscure stuff as well as the stuff that everyone knows about.
-To make reviews of stuff I like or don't like, sometimes in a rather satirical manner, and make lists over my personal thoughts.
-To analyze cartoons and other stuff and see how they work. Whenever it comes to funny cartoons, I'll be pointing out why it's able to get a laugh from me.